Bath Recycling skips - the largest skip supplier in the area

Unbeatable service, combined with competitive prices, has made Bath Recycling Skips the leading skip supplier in Bath and North East Somerset.

A long-established independent local business, based on a large site in Odd Down, Bath, we provide a full range of different sized skip containers to suit your needs. From small 3 cubic yard capacity skips (perfect for clearing out a garage or small building jobs) all the way through to huge 40 cubic yard skips, ideal for site clearance.

With our own recycling facilities, we ensure the most sustainable recycling route for all your waste, currently recycling over 85 per cent of waste that would normally head to a landfill site.

Please get in touch on 01225 840700 to discuss your needs, or use the links on this page to find out more.

Chain Lift Skips:

This refers to the skips that go on your stereotypical skip lorry.

2 yard skip (mini): 2 metres long, 1.25 metres wide. Capacity 1-2 tonnes

Smallest skip we do, ideal for small garden clearouts and last little bits from maintenance work. Can be delivered on any size of skip lorry.
£125.00 £150.00
3.5 yard skip (midi): 2.5 metres long, 2 metres wide. Capacity 1- 3.5 tonne.

Great skip for all types of work especially sites that have access issues and parking restrictions. The largest skip we can deliver on the 3.5 tonne lorry.
£165.00 £198.00
6 yard skip (mixed c&d): 3.25 metre long, 2 metres wide. Capacity 1- 6 tonne.

Standard builders skip. I deal for garage/house clear outs, customers can keep for long periods of time due to large capacity. Suitable for private and trade hire.
£215.00 £258.00
6 yard skip (inert): 3.25 metre long, 2 metres wide. Capacity 1- 6 tonne.

Due to our location we can offer second to none turn around surface on inert 6 yards. Discounted rate for clean skips, largest clean skip we do due to health and safety reasons.
£215.00 £258.00
8 yard skip: 3.25 metres long, 2 metres wide. Capacity 1-7 tonne.

Very similar to the 6 yard in terms of capacity and size.
£270.00 £324.00
10 yard skip (enclosed): 3.5 metres long, 2 metres wide. Capacity 1-9 tonne.

The 10 yard we offer is an enclosed bin referring to the lid that lifts either end. This skip is perfect for on road or on site as the lid is lockable. We do not provide the chain or lock.
£315.00 £378.00
12 yard skip: 3.25 metres long, 2 metres wide. Capacity 1-10 tonne.

Not usually suitable for private hire, mainly used for larger developments.
£315.00 £378.00

Roll on Roll Off Containers:

Much larger skips delivered on an 8 wheel hooklift.

18 yard: 6 metres long, 2.5 metres wide and 1.25 metres high. Capacity 1-20 tonne.

This is a low sided container with doors opening at the back. This is also the largest inert only container we provide.
£415.00 £498.00 (mixed/c&d)
20 yard: 6 metres long, 2.5 metres wide and 1.4 metres high. Capacity 1-20 tonne.

High sided version of the 18 yard, doors open at the back.
£275.00 £330.00 (stone/soil)
40 yard: 7 metres long, 2.5 metres wide and 2 metres high. Capacity 1-30 tonne.

Very similar to the 20 yard
£275.00 £330.00 (stone/soil)

NB: None of our chain lift skips have drop down doors, all of our 10 yards have lids and none of the other sizes have lids

It is the customer’s responsibility to tell us what is going in the skip. If the skip is booked as inert (clean) and waste is found in the skip the difference will be charged.

Asbestos skips are available (please see asbestos section below)

Any asbestos found in any kind of skip that is booked as anything other than asbestos will be available to collect or will be charged for at normal rate.

We offer same day delivery and collection when booked before 14:00 the same day.

Road Licences

Road licences are needed when the skip is placed on the public highway. These licences are processed by BANES Highways department and take 3-4 working days to process. They cost £62.50 +VAT and are valid for 28 days. After the 28 days if the skip needs to stay on the road it can be renewed for £54+VAT. If the skip is placed in a parking bay this will need to be suspended we do not offer bay suspension services.


We offer an asbestos disposal service. The asbestos can be brought to us providing the material is double bagged and the carrier has registered with the Environment Agency. If this is not convenient we can provide a 10 yard lockable skip for the asbestos to be left in.

The asbestos collection cost £250+VAT for transport and £250+VAT per tonne thereafter; there is minimum weight charge of 0.5kg.

To tip there is a minimum of 0.5kg and its is £250+VAT per tonne.

When hazardous waste is moved it must be accompanied by correctly completed paperwork called a consignment note. The note must be prepared before it’s moved.

A note is needed for all movements of hazardous waste, including:

• collections from businesses by registered waste carriers
• movements from one premises to another within the same business
• movements from customer premises, where another business has produced waste

For more information please visit

The consignment note is £30+VAT.